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rhoda-agbeyoRhoda Agbeyo is the Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of Rhoda Michael Fashion Academy. Her passion for Fashion and Creativity is second only to her entrepreneurial dexterity. For over a decade, she has delivered innovative fashion concepts and empowered young and upcoming fashion designers.

She is a graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos with a B.Sc in Biochemistry and Nutrition alongside an MBA in Marketing from the University of Liverpool (in view).

Rhoda Michaels Fashion Academy is poised as the first Fashion Entrepreneurial Academy in Nigeria with over 250 graduates empowered with sewing machines and materials to jump start their careers. Designs from the school have been featured on noticeable runways such as: the Lagos Fashion Week 2016, Arise Africa as well as Glam & Essence Awards. The school has received numerous awards and accolades over the years for its skillful impact on the fashion industry in Nigeria.

A devoted wife and mother of three, she continues to strive for business excellence and building fashion entrepreneurs. About her outfit, Rhoda Michaels Fashion Academy, she says: “We build fashionpreneurs; our main objective is to impact skillful knowledge to prospective fashion designers to channel intuition, imagination and craft towards creativity and profitability.

“We are a unique institution with vast experience in the inner workings of the fashion industry with respect to the Nigerian fashion industry. Our students are taught objectivity and value as a focal point.

“We give our students the global platform to operate on, using the internet, infusing eCommerce, mCommerce and cCommerce into their syllabus, thereby eradicating a myopic point of view with an additional advantage to be business savvy.

“Our core competence is in the ability to impact so much fashion business knowledge within a limited time frame of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. Areas of expertise are Pattern Drafting, Clothing Construction, Fashion Illustration, Textiles and Fashion Business Management. Elective craft courses like Make-up, Embellishments and Bead Making, Tie and Dye are also part of the curriculum.”

It was in recognition of her contribution to national development in the sphere of Fashion Design Education that Mrs. Rhoda Agbeyo is deemed was conferred with the Woman of Merit Gold Award in 2016.